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  • Sandwich Kombos

  • Spiciiii Fried Chicken


    Scallion cheddar cream cheese, poblano mayo, pickled jalapeños, spicy powder, slaw. **not super spicy don't worry (w/ tots or slaw)

  • (Where In the World Is) Parmen Sammyeggo


    House made pizza pockets crammed with kwispy eggplant, marinara, lots o' mozza, red onion and chimichurri. Named after the iconic elusive childrens tv show character in a fan contest.
    (w/ tots or slaw)

  • The Dream Captain


    Pork belly, creamy ranchero, hashbrown, American cheese, shrettuce, pickles, onion, cilantro (w/ tots or slaw)

  • Add-ons

  • Kosmo's Sauce


    Our secret sauce

  • Ranchero


    dill 'n buttermilk #ranchitup

  • Poblano Mayo


    Smoky with a hint of heat

  • Gochu Mayo


    Gochujang and mayo what more can we say. Bangin.

  • Mac Sauce


    If mornay and queso had a baby

  • Marinara


    Made with san marzanos and lots of garlic

  • Mayo


    Old faithful

  • a fork

    say please

    Compostable, classic, helpful

  • Sides

  • Flamin' Hot Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese


    Cheesy sauce, crushed cheetos, scallions

  • Tater Tots


    Seasoned or spicy

  • Slaw


    Cabbage, poblano, carrot, shaved thin, mayo, charred scallions, sesame, cilantro and a twist of lime. #dontsleepontheslaw

  • Bevy's

  • Bottle of Coca-Cola


    Classic, in a glass bottle, nothin like it.

  • Bottle of Diet Coke


    Classically diet. Classically in a glass bottle. For your classic enjoyment.

  • Bottle of Dad's Root Beer


    The guy makes a classic root beer in a glass bottle. What can we say? #classic

  • Bottle Jarritos Mexican Cola


    Jarritos Mexican Cola. It's the best. Classic even.

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