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  • Sammy's

  • Spiciiii Fried Chicken


    Scallion cheddar cream cheese, poblano mayo, pickled jalapeños, spicy powder, slaw. **not super spicy don't worry

  • Golden Gal


    House ground chuck n brisket patty, pickles, onions, American cheese, Kosmo sauce.

  • Banh Mi Dawg


    Bacon wrapped all beef frank, chicken liver mousse, kreemy mayo, pickled carrots, spicy ass 'penos, chillantro, crispy onions on a Martin's hot dog roll. Summer in a bun y'all.

  • Fried Green Tomato Hero


    Lemon chili olive spread, buttermilk whipped feta, shreddy letty, onions, Miss Vickie's salt n vins on a Gunn's sesame rolllll

  • Sides

  • Smoko Mac 'n Cheese


    Caramelized onions, jalapeño cheddar chips.

  • Tater Tots

    $5 regular - $8 big boy

    Seasoned or spicy

  • Grilled Corn


    A whole cob blasted in poblano mayo and covered in Flaming Hot Cheetos

  • Slaw

    $5 REGULAR - $11 BIG BOY

    Cabbage, poblano, carrot, shaved thin, in a creamy miso, lime n sesame dressing. #dontsleepontheslaw

  • Wedgie Salad


    The Queen of lettuce, Iceberg, all dolled up with ranch dressing, tomatillo, shaved red onion, tater tots, bleu cheese, everything bagel mix, dill

  • Grillen Broccoli Caesar Salad


    Charred brocs, iceberg, red onion, garlicky af caesar dressing, chill fried breadcrumbs, shmecorino #noragrets

  • Add-ons

  • Kosmo's Sauce


    Our secret sauce

  • Ranchero


    dill 'n buttermilk #ranchitup

  • Poblano Mayo


    Smoky with a hint of heat

  • Gochu Mayo


    Gochujang and mayo what more can we say. Bangin.

  • Smoky Mac Sauce

  • Mayo


    Old faithful

  • a fork

    say please

    Compostable, classic, helpful

  • Totties

  • Poutine-y Tots


    Cheese curds and gravy get at me

  • Okonomi Tots


    Totties tossed in spicy powder topped with shreddy cabbage, cheese curds, Okonomi sauce, mayo, sesame, green onion, cilantro, bonito and nori. Want it veggie? Leave it in the notes.

  • El Queso Smoko Tots


    Hot cheez sauce, cheese curds, grilled corn, pickled jalapeños, poblano mayo, green onions, cilantro

  • Harissa Tots


    Kwispy totties absolutely blasted with garlic sauce, spiciii harissa, cheese curds, turnip pickles, honey, sesame and scallion. Forbes magazine gives it their tots of the year or whatever.

  • Bevy's

  • Bottle of Dad's Root Beer


    The guy makes a classic root beer in a glass bottle. What can we say? #classic

  • Bottle Jarritos Mexican Cola


    Jarritos Mexican Cola. It's the best. Classic even.

  • Bottle of Jarritos


    Lime Soda

    Mango Soda

    Guava Soda

    Pineapple Soda

    Grapefruit Soda

    Mandarin Soda

    Strawberry Soda

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